About Us

Hey there! We are Fabi and Jojo, a newlywed couple of adventurous dreamers living in Vienna. Fabi is from Germany and Jojo is from Austria. We are together for a couple of years now and we got married in summer 2018. 

This Blog is about our life as a couple. About our passion for traveling the world, for living a healthy and active lifestyle. And overall for spreading love, good vibes, and a positive mindset.

The reason why we started this Blog is that we wanted to share our happiness, our love and our freedom with you. We hope to encourage you to live also a meaningful life full of personal advancement and confidence.

Fun Facts

Fabi’s Fun Facts about Jojo

  • Jojo`s laughter is pretty sure the loudest one in the world. When she starts laughing you can still hear it miles away and you can`t help but laugh with her. This laugh was one of the reasons why I fell in love with her in the first place.
  • Jojo is addicted to ice cream. She loves it and doesn’t care if its summer or winter at all. But she is a little gourmet and values the fact that it has to be good, locally produced ice cream. So if she has the graving for it at night, sure I will drive through the entire town to get her some. Good husband as I am: happy wife, happy life right?
  • She is also a little clumsy as well. Slipping, running against corners, dumping something, spilling drinks, forgetting things – that’s totally her. But guess her creative, imaginative and enthusiastic soul needs a little chaos like that. And it kind of makes her especially adorable for me.
  • Jojo is a very funny person and has very special humor. She loves sarcasm and has a good dose of self-irony. Are you looking for someone to mimic crazy voices authentically, who plays with hand-puppets or host a fun evening? Believe me: She is your girl!

Jojo`s Fun Facts about Fabi

  • Fabian loves fast things. Motorcycles, cars, skis, rollercoasters, bicycles: it can’t be fast enough for him. That’s why he should have become a racing driver, ski racer or bobsledder in his opinion. It`s never too late for a new career if you ask me.
  • Fabian is my personal craftsman. No matter what breaks down in the household, he fixes it immediately and without a demand. I really appreciate this talent and his sense of responsibility that comes with it. And let’s be honest: the tool belt, the muscles, the sweat and overall the care for our home: that’s just sexy!
  • Fabian is an organizational talent with an eye for the big picture. Budget planning, investment, and appointments: he has everything under control, and I can rely on him blindly. Do you think we have discussions because of that sometimes? Sure, I am a stubborn girl of the finest kind. But besides that, I am very happy that he is taking care of our (holiday) financing.
  • Every time he eats something (and that happens about every two hours) his nose starts running. No one knows why, but no matter what he eats, he always needs a tissue after the third bite of every meal. Of course, as a good wife, I always have one for him in my pocket. As I promised, in good times and in bad times, right?

Fun Facts about us as a couple

  • We are early birds. We love to start the day early and to chase sunrises regularly. The peaceful mood in the morning and the hopeful anticipation of the dawning new day is always motivating and special for us. And of course, getting up early brings the fact with it, that we go to bed very early as well. Our friends also call us granny and gramps because of that.
  • Working out is also very important to us and one of our common hobbies. We prefer to work out early in the morning in an empty gym. We made the experience that we are happier, have more energy and are more balanced when we train on a regular basis. In further consequence, this also makes our relationship and our life as a couple more harmonious as well and it’s fun to push and motivate each other.
  • We love and appreciate good food; it simply makes us happy. We especially like breakfast and could eat it at any time and all-day round. As much as we like to eat in different restaurants, we have to cook by ourselves as well in our everyday life. The division of labor in this area sometimes leads to disputes but we always solve them, because in one thing we always agree: we both like eating!
  • Traveling is one of our biggest passions and so we’ve been exploring a lot of different destinations over the last few years together. We love to visit and get to know new unknown cultures, countries and places and discover our beautiful planet. As soon as we come back from one trip, we have to start planning our next one. Call us travel addicts!

What’s important to us?

Kindness, Love, Happiness, Authenticity, Sustainability, Adventure, Personal Development and overall Awareness (in an environmental & healthy way).

Together we try to live and spread these values every day of our most ordinary but sometimes also extraordinary everyday life as husband and wife! 

We love each other and want to live a happy, balanced, adventurous and satisfying life. So we are chasing our dreams together and want to encourage you doing the same. This is us! Pure and authentic! We invite you to join us on our journey into happiness and through life which we want to share with you right here on our Blog!