Essential Camera Equipment for Couple Shootings with Tripods

In this post, we will show you our entire camera equipment which we use for our couple shootings.

As we, unfortunately, don’t have our private photographer all the time with us, we create our pictures for Instagram and this blog on a tripod on our own.

Bundle of Camera Equipment on the floor
Our camera equipment for our shootings on a tripod

This is sometimes very challenging but there is pretty cool stuff that absolutely helps to do that.

One of the most challenging things is finding the correct focus during movement (and Jojo loves to move around all the time) if you are not controlling the camera in your hand.

Many of you guys were asking us how we do it and this is why we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. Here is the list of the entire camera equipment(*) we use.

1. The most important part of the equipment is the camera body

We started with the Nikon D3400 which is an awesome camera for beginners to learn how to photograph and how to work with a DSLR. But after a while, we realized that our purposes require somewhat more functionalities.

Essential equipment for couple shootings a DSLR Camera Nikon D7500

So, we saved our money and during the summer sale we got the Nikon D7500 which for us was an unbelievable enhancement! 

2. Also, a very important thing behind the camera body are the lenses

A lot of photographers might say it is the other way around but if you mostly create self-timer shots or interval shots on a tripod, you need a proper camera body with sufficient focus points.

Well, back to the lens: Within 90% from our shots we are using the 18-35mm from Sigma which is an extraordinary lens especially in sense of quality and also its look & feel. This lens covers perfectly our needs for landscape, architecture, semi portrait shots or also just fun shots in the street.

Our second lens is a 50 mm F 1.8 for portraits which are also a must-have for us and luckily it is the most affordable one!

Nikon D7500 camera with two lenses and remote controller. This is the basic equipment for couple shootings on a tripod

3. Use a proper tripod!

Do not save your money by buying cheap tripods!! We had two or three of the cheaper ones and nearly all of them broke somehow or fell because they weren’t stable enough.

If you spend a lot of money on an excellent lense or camera this equipment would rather be safe on a high-quality tripod. Believe me…

We now use this one and this is next-level compared to the cheap ones. It came with a small bag so it is easy to carry around (not too heavy).

4. Remote interval shot controller: Essential equipment for camera couple shootings on your tripod

DSLR Camera with remote controller equipment for couple tripod shootings

Guess what, we love this thing! It is so easy to handle and helps a lot regarding focusing before the shots! A great controller highly recommended! Please note: this one, for example, was not working with the Nikon D3400. Your camera needs a special plug for external items.

5. Always have at least one second fully charged battery for your camera

The Nikon D7500 needs more battery power than smaller cameras. Especially if you are using the live view mode. There is nothing more annoying if you got up very early to go to a great spot while sunrise and then your battery gets empty. Believe me, that happened at least twice and Jojo was definitely not very amused…

DSRL Camera equipment with three batteries for long couple shootings

6. Use an appropriate SD-card for your couple shooting requirements

Make sure that reading and especially writing! speed is quick enough for your requirements. Sometimes we shoot 8 shots per second, for 4 seconds long, 6 times in the row in RAW so imagine that you really need writing power that the SD card can manage that huge amount of data properly. We use these and are not disappointed so far.

7. Last member of our camera equipment for couple shootings

DJI Mavic Mini drone for spectacular shots from the sky

After crashing and sinking our DJI Mavic pro drone in a hotel swimming pool in Greece because it was extremely windy, Jojo is pretty angry with me.

Nevertheless, I had to buy a new drone as it is much fun flying around and creating spectacular shots from the sky!

Mini Drone DJI Mavic Mini

Unfortunately, there are so many regulations and drone restrictions globally in a lot of countries.

But luckily DJI created a new 249g Mavic Mini drone which mostly does not fall under these regulations as most regulations concern drones weighing 250 grams and above.

I am now even allowed to fly the Mavic Mini in Austria without any additional certificate. Although it is not allowed to fly higher than 30 meters, this is a big step forward…

Please always check the regulations of your country or travel destination before flying your drone, since there are sometimes insane fines on flying drones illegally.

There are many helpful blogs about these topics such as: heliguy.com

We have the DJI Mavic Mini fly more combo. It comes with 360° propeller guard that fully protects the propellers, with three batteries and a very smart carrying bag. I am so far extremely happy with it.

It is brand new so we haven’t created that much content but it will accompany us on our next trips and I will keep you posted!

This is more or less all our camera equipment for self-timer couple shootings. Here again, are all our equipment product listed in our Amazon shop: Our Camera Equipment by fabi.jojo(*)

See also our blog post about South Africa to see some results or visit us on Instagram: fabi.jojo

We are very open to any other recommendations or discussion! Feel free to leave a comment! Peace out

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