Presets for Lightroom: Our TOP 5 Summer & City Collection

In over 90% of our pics, we use only one of our top 5 presets collection when we start editing our photos.

In our opinion, the best program for editing is Adobe Lightroom CC(*).

It is easy to use and there are tons of tutorials out there to learn editing with it.

We mostly edit our photos on the desktop version but we also use the Lightroom(*) mobile app. In addition, all our photos are always accessible in the Adobe Lightroom cloud, so we both have all the time access to it with the app on our phone.

We highly recommend editing your photos with Adobe Lightroom CC(*) if you would like to create beautiful images and memories! There is a 7 days free trial for all Adobe programs(*).

Use our Top 5 Summer & City Lightroom Presets if you love clear images and strong beautiful colors! You won’t regret it.

Preset gallery of four images with a couple in summer of Greece.
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You might wonder which photo equipment(*) we are using, here is our post explaining all our equipment.

Presets Impression: Before and After

This image is our most successful photo. We love the red color hue in our preset “Mykonos”.

“London” works fine for sunrise and wearing red cloth in cities such as London or even in Vienna during Christmas time.

This one is perfect for the beautiful pink flower Bougainvillea which you will find almost everywhere on the Greek Islands during summertime:

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As we said, we mostly use these five presets when editing our photos. They are a great starting point for intense and colorful photos, but not very often the final result!

You just need to adjust

  • the exposure
  • the white balance

as both are almost always varying from photo to photo!

We can’t wait to see the results of your edited photos! Please share it with us and use #fabijojopresets!