Reiters Supreme Hotel – Great Choice for your Vacation

Reiters Supreme Hotel pool view from the terrace at sunset

At the end of this summer, we spent a few days at the wonderful Reiters Reserve. It is located in southern Burgenland and is a real dream to relax holistically and to let your soul wander. First of all, the hotel is located in an extraordinary, huge private territory. Second, it offers a wide range of activities, culinary enjoyment, and relaxation as well. There are two hotels located in the middle of an unspoiled natural landscape of 125 hectares. On the one hand, there is the Finest Family 4* hotel for a family vacation, and on the other hand the Reiters Supreme 5* hotel for adults only.

We spent wonderful days at the Reiters Supreme Hotel where we had some adventurous and happy days but also days full of rest and relaxation. Overall, it was the perfect stay for a short break from everyday life. Therefore, we want to present our highlights and invite you on a magical journey into the world of the Reiters reserve in the following.

Reiters Supreme Hotel – Where you feel welcomed every second

In about 1.5 hours drive from Vienna, you are already in Bad Tatzmannsdorf at the Reiters Supreme Hotel in southern Burgenland. That means the location is simply perfect for a weekend getaway or spontaneous Golf trip from the capital city.

Overall, the rooms and suites are tastefully furnished and flooded with light. We even had a great balcony with a view over the golf course. From the moment we arrived, we felt welcomed and decelerated.

Wellness and Spa at Reiters Supreme

With 8.200 square meters, you find the biggest private Spa area of Europe there. We enjoyed its unique atmosphere, the soothing thermal water with cozy 34°C, and the stunning view across the landscape every day.

Reiters Reserve Supreme Hotel pool area with sunbeams and closed umbrellas at sunset

Secret tip: Stay at the poolside till sunset. Believe us, this is a magical experience. Because you can see the sun coloring the sky and vanishing behind the hills that are shining in golden light.

The wellness, spa and sauna area extends over 2 floors. There are a total of 9 different pools: with thermal water, freshwater and saltwater as well. Moreover, you find 7 Saunas, a hamam and a ladies spa. But what we liked the most are all the places to chill and relax, inside and outside.

We also enjoyed a relaxing release couple treatment at the finest beauty Spa. Skilled hands took us on a journey to our personal well-being. Everything was receding into the distance and absolute pleasure stimulated all senses. That gave us a pure holiday feeling! We can highly recommend the treatment there.

The beauty of nature around the reserve

Moreover, an impressive natural landscape extends around the reserve. We enjoyed long walks there and loved to relax in a hammock between flower fields and waters.

There is so much space to get active and to enjoy a sporty session in nature as well, as to simply inhale & exhale and breathe in the beauty of the peaceful gardens.

pond with fountain at sunset

We also had an amazing guided tour through the in-house herbal garden and orchard, which is lovingly cared for. In the course of the explanations about the individual herbs and fruits, we learned a lot. Moreover, we are motivated to gardening again. Everything that grows here can be tasted (there is a reason why this area is called “Naschgarten”). We found many of the plants on our plates at dinner – this is how we imagine sustainable enjoyment.

Getting active on many levels at Reiters

Here almost everything is possible. You can choose a wide range of activities. Like working out at the gym (with a trainer or by yourself). Playing tennis or borrowing a mountain bike. The two golf courses with 27 holes impressed us so much, that we wanted to try our luck. A committed golf professional gave us a golf lesson on the driving range. With technical knowledge and humor, he has strengthened our playful potential. (Guess Jojo won’t get a golf pro at all, but at least she tried it!)

Lipizzaners, the heraldic animals of the reserve. More than 20 of these elegant and beautiful creatures live here, as you find the largest private Lipizzaner stud in Europe at the reserve. Guten, stallions, and foals gallop over the paddocks and enjoy the sun of southern Burgenland.

colorful flower field in front of a horse paddock with white horses

One of our absolute highlights was the riding lesson on a Lipizzaner mare. For Jojo, who used to ride very often when she was younger, a dream came true!

Additionally, you find many more animals here: ponies, goats, sheep, pigs, geese, horses, mini-horses, cows, buffalos, donkeys, rabbits, and fish. Over 400 animals in the Reiters reserve have convinced us of one thing: People and animals live in harmony here.

Culinary delights

Culinary enjoyment is very important at the Reiters Hotel and you can just taste that the Supreme cooks cook with passion and love. Homemade, healthy, and without flavor enhancers. Three toques chef Helmuth Gangl offers variety and culinary delights of all kinds.

breakfast table

The own production of food in a natural way is one of the special features of Reiters Genusswerkstatt. Honey, bread, juices, jam, wine, pasta, and meat from animals raised in a species-appropriate manner are just some of the delicacies that we found here.

We loved the generous breakfast buffet and indulged in the colorful selection of high-quality, fresh, and tasty delicacies every morning.

portrait of a breakfast table with eggs, juice and bread

As you know, we are brunch lovers and our standards are very high. But the selection of morning delicacies really leaves nothing to be desired – pure breakfast bliss. Especially the eggs are so delicious coming from there own free-range chicken farm. Moreover, the wide selection of the different roasted coffee beans was a dream come true for coffee addicts like us.

coffee maker and different coffee beans and a sign saying start your day with a coffee and a smile

During the day we had some delicious snacks at the Bistro in the Sap area. The a la carte menu there offers a selection of dishes, homemade pizzas, and a salad buffet.

For Dinner, you can choose between the 5-course evening menu (also a vegan menu available) or a buffet. Tip: Fabi’s highlight was the dessert market and Jojo couldn’t get enough of the wonderful cheese buffet.

plate with starter and a pice of bread

A delicious surprise for us was the Steak Restaurant. The best pieces of the own naturally reared and grass-fed Angus cattle are delicious and a must-try for all steak lovers. As you know, we hardly ever eat meat, but this organic beef from their own cattle breeding was a real treat for us too and we can highly recommend it.

And the perfect spot to end the day is for sure the hotel bar. The wonderful atmosphere and fine ambiance welcomed us. More than once, we enjoyed delicious drinks there and listened to live piano music.

Conclusion of our stay at Reiters Supreme Hotel

We found a place where you experience the preciousness of being! And the philosophy “Collect moments, not things” got a totally different meaning for us during our stay here.

Hotel Entrance with name sign and pink flowers in front

As you know, we have been been to many great wellness hotels in Austria already. But we have to honestly tell you that Reiters Supreme is one of our favorites so far! We felt comfortable and welcomed from the first second onwards! Hospitality, sustainability, innovative thinking, and a magical atmosphere make it easy to enjoy and relax. Everything was simply perfect here and we hope, that this wasn’t our last time at the Reiters Reserve!

We can recommend this hotel to the fullest if you want to spend quality time with your partner but also with family or friends. This place is a magical calm oasis that makes it so easy to recharge and reconnect and simply enjoy the beautiful things of life.

Drohnen Aufnahme vom Hotel, der Terrasse und dem Pool bei Sonnenuntergang

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  1. Sam_is_traveling
    28/09/2020 / 6:19 AM

    This place looks simply incredible. We are traveling through Austria this Autumn and guess we gonna check this area and hotel out for this occasion!

    Thank you Fabian & Johanna

    • fabi.jojo
      28/09/2020 / 5:49 PM

      Dear Sam, yeah this place is special we can highly recommend a visit 🙂

  2. Markus B.
    27/09/2020 / 8:54 PM

    Na super, jetzt habt ihr mich mit den nächsten tollen Hotel influenced… haha… seht toll aus!

    • fabi.jojo
      28/09/2020 / 5:50 PM

      Haha na dann haben wir wohl was richtig gemacht!

  3. Rico
    27/09/2020 / 6:47 PM

    Amazing impressions – thanks for sharing!

    • fabi.jojo
      28/09/2020 / 5:51 PM

      Happy that you like our Post!
      Thanks for reading

  4. Jen
    27/09/2020 / 3:45 PM

    Wow guys ! So happy to read another Blogpost of yours and guess after finishing this, it’s obvious we have to go there very soon! This place is so beautiful and your pics are lovely and show perfectly what a paradise you have found!
    Great job!


    • Katy
      27/09/2020 / 4:50 PM

      Mah mega tolles Hotel – perfekt für einen Wellnessausflug von Graz!

      • fabi.jojo
        28/09/2020 / 5:53 PM

        Ja absolut – von Graz fährt man nur eine knappe Stunde!

    • fabi.jojo
      28/09/2020 / 5:54 PM

      Oh this feedback means a lot to us – thank you so much.
      And yeah, the place is awesome for sure!

  5. Daniel
    27/09/2020 / 3:41 PM

    Oh wow 😮 das klingt wirklich nach einem wundervollen Aufenthalt aus. Die Fotos sind der Hammer ihr Lieben! Danke fürs Teilen und eure Insights! Ich glaube da werde ich meinen Schatz bald mal hin entführen – so ein Paradies, so nah bei Wien!